A curated guide to the
Amalfi Coast.

About the project

Amalfitan is a curated online guide showcasing the beauty and splendour of the Italian Amalfi Coast through editorial content and recommendations. With its particular focus on photography and gaining insight from locals, Amalfitan offers a glimpse into the unique range of experiences along the coastal towns of the Amalfi Coast.
Website Design & Development
Creative Direction

Website Design and Development

Our primary goal was to create an elegant website that would appeal to Amalfitan's target audience. We created a style guide to keep a consistent aesthetic throughout the website and ensure that our workflow was efficient. The colour palette selected is reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast, using beige to represent the rustic look of the towns. As part of the information architecture we designed different layouts within the Content Management System (CMS) to accommodate various types of editorial content such as articles, photo essays, and interviews. All of which can we edited live on the web.


Photography was a fundamental pillar in establishing the Amalfitan brand and visual elements of the website. All photos were taken by us, including the scouting of locations. The tone of the photos captures the atmosphere, giving the reader a sense that they experiencing the coast.

Editorial Content

One of the great experiences of the Amalfi Coast is the meeting the people. Their insight is invaluable and we shaped their stories by conducting interviews and writing articles featuring their recommendations. From a technical side, we built key templates in the CMS that covered different editorial layouts like articles and photo essays.

Interviews with locals, gaining insight and recommendations for the best places to visit.
Editorial content on Italian culture and how to best experience it on the coast.
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